Patch | Relief | 60mg CBD

Fast-acting, waterproof, and discreet, you just have to stick it, forget it and get back to a pain-free life for up to 4 days.

  • Long-lasting with up to 96 hours of constant relief
  • Waterproof and discreet
  • Formulated with organic essential oils, aloe vera, and full-spectrum CBD
  • Additive-free and hypoallergenic
  • Quick effects thanks to the transdermal delivery - CBD is directly absorbed in the bloodstream

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Nature's Relief At Your Fingertips.

We've formulated this Patch with 60mg of Full Spectrum CBD, transdermal delivery, organic essential oils, and organic aloe vera for maximum pain relief. We're the first patch to be not only affordable but also with MORE CBD (60mg) and MORE natural pain-relieving compounds.

Just Stick It

Place the patch on or near the area of pain after removing the liner. Works best on a flat, dry area. Remove by peeling off and discard responsibly. Our water-proof adhesive stays put to allow prolonged adhesion to the skin surface and the pain relief effects often last up to 4 days.

Get On With Your Life.

Dealing with chronic pain issues sucks. This patch makes it easier. You don't need to ever think about adding smelly creams or rubs again. Place the patch in the desired area and get on with your life.

What's Inside?

Every ingredient pulls its weight.

Phytocannabinoids Rich CBD Oil

CBD is being researched for its effective and all-natural relieving properties. Our medicinal grade CBD is extracted from hemp grown in California and is triple-tested to ensure the highest quality phytocannabinoid-rich CBD extract possible.

Organic Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used over centuries for various medicinal reasons due to its immune-boosting, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties - from burns to aches and pains.

Organic Sunflower Lecithin

Mainly used for added skin hydration and as an emollient.

Organic Oleic Acid

Oleic acid is a fatty acid that occurs naturally in various animal and vegetable fats and oils. the predominant fatty acid in olive oil is a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid, making up 73% of the total oil content

Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

Rich in essential fatty acid, Apricot kernel oil is gentle and known to maintenance the softness and suppleness of skin and hair.

Organic Palm Oil

Also known as African oil palm, red palm oil is full of carotenoids and many other compounds that help lock moisture in the skin.

Organic Shea Butter

Shea butter is an amazing skin moisturizer and emollient. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic Safflower

Safflower is used as a lubricant for the skin and help your body process fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A and E.

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    Arianna L.
    United States United States

    The Best Medicine

    I used the Full Spectrum CBD patch and loved it! Very high quality and potent! Highly recommend.

    Kassy Y.
    United States United States


    I was able to relax and enjoy my day off. Thank you

    Alex A.
    United States United States

    Great Relief!

    I’ve started doing yoga and at times my lower back is on fire for a few days right after it. I went to a hot yoga class two days ago and yesterday morning my back was killing me. I applied this patch and honestly within 10 minutes I was able to stretch the area and massage it without pain, and it is still working wonders as we speak. Make sure you clean out the area and that it is dry before applying the patch as it will adhere to the skin much better. I definitely recommend it! :)


    Bye Bye Pain!!!!

    I’m totally amazed of how quick and effective the patch is . I suffer from really bad back pain after an injury, and I’ve been tired of taking pain medications that are just damaging my liver and kidneys with the time. My friend told me about Specktra’s CBD Patches and I decided to give them a try. Let me tell you it works amazing!!! and relieves pain in a matter of seconds. Best part is waterproof and lasts up to 96 hrs and I avoid consuming any pain drugs that make me sleepy most of the time. I also love how they smell!!! I’m so excited to try rest of their brand.


    Long lasting!

    The patch was great! I love that it lasts up to 96 hours. Stayed on my back and helped ease my pain.