At Specktra, we put your health and happiness at the core of everything we do. We believe that people have the right to the highest quality CBD products. In an industry filled with questionable practices, we are committed to doing things differently. We never cut corners. Our products are rigorously third-party lab tested to ensure utmost purity, consistency, and quality.  

We are on a mission to develop innovative CBD formulas for targeted health benefits, not just generic CBD products. Our formulas combine full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract and a well-researched balance of essential oils, terpenes, and phytocannabinoids for maximum therapeutic relief.  

Our mission is simple:  To help you live a healthier and happier life by providing targeted CBD formulas. 

When we first learned about CBD, we were amazed by the many benefits we experienced. We found personal relief for anxiety, insomnia, pain, stress, etc. Some of our friends and family were finally able to get off painkillers and OTC drugs!  

Unfortunately, we soon found out that the CBD industry was chock-full of bad practices.  

  • Infographic → 1) Misleading labels 2) Poor testing protocols 3) fake products 4) Synthetic and filler ingredients 5) Contaminated products with toxic metals and allergens 6) Shady manufacturing practices 7) Lack of transparency about ingredients, test results, and sourcing 8) Products that contain THC without warning  

We decided to enter the CBD space to be the company you can trust. We are committed to doing things differently and believe that people have the right to the highest quality CBD products.