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The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) defines pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage.”  According to the IASP, pain is subjective and what a person knows about pain is learned through experiencing various injuries early in life.  Without a doubt, pain is an unpleasant sensation within the body, but these unpleasant sensations also trigger an emotional response.  Pain is blind to age, sex, and race. Pain is pure evil.  It is how you choose to treat your pain that is of the utmost importance.



Let’s talk about a common remedy that treats both pain and emotions…CBD.  CBD has quickly become the hottest natural remedy on the market and continues to trend upward with more and more companies opening hoping to dip their foot in the waters of such a profitable industry. CBD is magical because it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties and because CBD relaxes the nervous system, it calms feelings of anxiety and depression that could be triggered emotional responses in connection with pain. 



There are many ways to use CBD to combat pain.  Whether you use tinctures, capsules, edibles or topicals, all are viable ways to treat pain.  However, we at Specktra, as well as a handful of other companies that specialize in natural remedies, believe that the best way to treat pain is with CBD transdermal pain patches.  Transdermal pain patches stand out because they avoid what is referred to as “The First Pass Effect”.  When medicines or supplements are taken orally, they pass through vital organs such as the liver and stomach before they are absorbed into the circulatory system where they begin to work.  The potency of the medicine lessens as it travels through these major organs.  By administering CBD through the skin, the CBD does not get filtered or broken down and your body receives 100% of the medicinal value of the CBD. 



Several prominent CBD companies have come up with their own CBD transdermal pain patches, but we believe ours is the clear winner.  Let’s compare our pain patches with another fan favorite, Mary’s Nutritionals.



Round 1: The Company Core – Us vs. Them


Both we and Mary’s Nutritionals believe that our products are the most trustworthy in the industry.  Both companies want to provide the highest quality mixture of natural ingredients and technology to make the quality of life better for our customers.  We both work with teams of experts to develop innovative treatments that allow people to take control of their health and wellness.  We also use full-spectrum hemp extract in our products and state that our products adhere to the highest quality of standards and our lab test results are available for customer review.



Here’s the kicker.  Mary’s Nutritionals does not test their products in third-party laboratories. They test their products in house.  All of our products are tested in third-parties laboratories to ensure the highest quality, purity, and potency of our full-spectrum extract and essential oils. Now, we definitely aren’t saying that because they test their own products that they skew their test results to make their products appear to be superior, we’re just saying that it’s not what we do.



Round 1 Winner: Specktra



Round 2: What’s in the Patch?


Our transdermal CBD pain patch contains eight natural ingredients: 60mg of phytocannabinoid-rich full-spectrum hemp extract; organic aloe vera, which has anti-oxidant and antiseptic properties; organic sunflower lecithin, which is good for skin hydration; organic oleic acid, a beneficial fatty acid found in olive oil; organic apricot kernel oil, which maintains the softness and suppleness of the skin; organic palm oil, which helps lock moisture in the skin; organic shea butter, a skin moisturizer with anti-inflammatory properties; and organic safflower oil, a skin lubricant that processes vitamins A and E.



Mary’s Nutritionals’ pain patch also contains some of the same natural organic natural ingredients.  Both patches contain full-spectrum hemp extract, organic oleic acid, and organic sunflower lecithin. However, Mary’s Nutritionals’ transdermal pain patch contains propylene glycol.  What is propylene glycol you ask?  Propylene glycol is a liquid alcohol used as a solvent, found in antifreeze and paint, and in the food, plastics, and perfume industries.  Propylene glycol is also a main ingredient in vaping liquid and we all know how healthy that is, right? We are being sarcastic, or course, but in all honesty, how could you knowingly put a chemical into your body that has been linked to so many health risks and found in paint and antifreeze?  Exactly.  You wouldn’t.



Round 2 Winner: Specktra



Round 3: The Relief


As previously mentioned, our transdermal pain patch contains an unheard of 60mg of full-spectrum per patch, which packs a punch of pain relief. That much CBD is enough to last an incredible 96 hours; that four days of relief without having to re-apply.  Our hypo-allergenic patch is strong enough to stay in place for four days, even in water.



Mary’s Nutritionals’ pain patch only contains 10mg of full-spectrum CBD, which only yield 8-12 hours of relief.  It could be 8, but you hope for 12.  Regardless, their patch just doesn’t compare to the relief you’ll get from wearing out patch…for four days straight.



Round 3 Winner: Specktra



Round 4: Continuing Education


We are very committed to provide education and resources for our customers looking for more information about natural medicine and CBD as alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. We post regular blogs and articles that provide answers to frequently asked questions, education to our customers, and information regarding new innovations and progressions in the field of natural medicine and CBD.



Mary’s Nutritionals also uses their platform to provide continuing educations to their customers through blog posts, however, in consideration of our superiority in each of the aforementioned topics, we feel that our credibility and performance give us the edge in this area.



Round 4 Winner: Specktra



Again, it is plain to see that we’re hard to beat in every aspect of what is important to consumers when shopping for transdermal CBD pain patches.  To get the very best, click here to get yours now!



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