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Pain! Let’s face it, we all get it, some unfortunately more than others, and it’s well…a pain.  Pun definitely intended. If you suffer from chronic pain or inflammation issues or if you’re just recovering from an unfortunate injury or a killer workout, you know how long it can take to feel relief; hours, days, even weeks.  Pharmaceutical drugs are a staple in everyone’s medicine cabinet, whether over-the-counter or prescribed, and you pop them and wait a little while, hoping and praying they work, only to get a little bit of a reprieve before you head back to the medicine cabinet and take a few more.  This is a dangerous practice.  It is well-known that prescription pain medication can lead to dependency, addiction, and if abused, death.  Over-the-counter pain medicines can lead to stomach bleeding and liver issues, which could snowball into a host of other serious health problems if take habitually.



Stop putting your health and wellness at risk and start making natural medicine a priority.  Hemp extract, more commonly known as CBD, is the most popular natural remedy on the market and the industry is booming like never before.  In such a highly-competitive market, as a consumer, we understand that you need to know what products you can trust. Many people are hesitant to try CBD because it is derived from the cannabis plant, but hemp is not marijuana.  Because hemp is rich in CBD and not THC, the active cannabinoid in marijuana responsible for its psychoactive effects, it was removed from the banned substances list and is legal for growth and distribution throughout the United States, with regulations of course.



CBD has been known to be at the forefront of natural remedies to treat pain and inflammation, and with all of the CBD tinctures, capsules, and topical creams and salves, when it comes to treating pain, there is no beating the CBD transdermal pain patch.  There are a lot of CBD pain patches on the market, but whose can you trust? Which patch is going to deliver the relief you need? Let’s take a look at how a popular CBD pain patch, Entune CBD patches by Zija, stack up against our CBD patch.



Round 1: Company Core – Us vs. Them


Our company was formed to make your life better.  Your health and happiness is what drives us to manufacture the best CBD products on the market.  We also believe in being up front and honest with our customers from what goes into our product to what comes out of the lab.  All of our products are made from natural, organic, domestically grown hemp and organic essential oils.  Each product is third-party lab tested to ensure its purity and potency.  Our lab results are posted for your review prior to purchasing each product on your website. 



Explore Zija is a website developed by one woman who tried a patch and found that it worked for her and believes in it so much that she decided to become an independent distributor.  It’s great that it worked for her, but is she pushing this product because she cares about your health and happiness or is she trying to line her own pockets.  This mission here isn’t very clear like our mission at Specktra.  We wonder if she gets a pink Cadillac for hitting a quota like they do at Mary Kay Cosmetics.



Round 1 Winner: Specktra



Round 2: What’s Inside


Our transdermal CBD pain patch contains less ingredients than you have fingers. Our patches are formulated with 60mg of phytocannabinoid-rich full-spectrum hemp extract from grown solely in the United States; aloe vera; organic sunflower lecithin; organic oleic acid; organic apricot kernel oil; organic palm oil; organic shea butter; and organic safflower oil. Each ingredient is listed with a description of its benefits so you can see how each one will work for you. You’ll also notice that the essential oils are already in the patch and that there is absolutely no THC.  More on this in a moment.



The Entune CBD patches also use hemp extract oil and natural ingredients, but it is not specified what kind of hemp extract.  We can assume that they also used full-spectrum CBD because they clearly state that the amount of THC is less than 0.3%...the legal limit.  On the website, you’ll find a product sheet for the Entune CBD patches that explains the ingredients, benefits, suggested use, etc.  At the very bottom, there is a section called “Additional Suggested Uses” where they go on to explain that if you add certain essential oils to the patch, it will be more beneficial to you.  If you dig a bit deeper into their site, you’ll also see that their hemp is source from the United States, like ours is, but also from Europe. How are you supposed to know where it comes from and how it’s grown? Not very trustworthy.



So, the Entune CBD patch contains THC.  Ours doesn’t.



The Entune CBD patch does not contain essential oils. Ours does…quite a few of them.



Our hemp is 100% domestically sourced.  Theirs is not.



Round 2 Winner: Specktra, Specktra, and Specktra.



Round 3: The Relief


Our transdermal CBD pain patch, is tiny but mighty; packing a whopping 60mg of organic, full-spectrum CBD into a tiny, discreet patch. Our patch packs enough of a punch to last 96 hours.  Yes, you read that correctly; four days of relief with our transdermal CBD pain patch. Our patch is also hypo-allergenic and waterproof. The adhesive is strong enough to bond to your skin for 4 days and gently enough not to irritate your skin.



The Entune CBD patch on the other hand, honestly, we have no idea how much CBD each patch has.  One place says 15mg; one place says 16.5mg; another place says 2mg (which we hope not). Anyway, all we know is that it isn’t 60mg.  They do claim that their patch gives 24-hour sustained release, but if it turns out there is only 2mg per patch, you can deduce that the relief probably won’t last very long.



Round 3 Winner: Specktra.



As you can see, ourSpecktra transdermal CBD pain patch is second to none.  Grab one, or more, today and kiss that pain goodbye!



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